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Eve Newsome - Music performance coach and author of the Flow Music Method

Eve Newsome is a professional oboist and Lecturer in Wind at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University. She is the author of the Flow Music Method, designed to assist musicians to experience the feelings of flow or ‘being in the zone’ during music practice and performance. It is suitable for all instruments and focuses on kinaesthetic and sensory elements combined with ‘playful’ and imaginative exploration.

During practice, musicians can use the Flow music method to set effective goals and control of the learning process to maximise enjoyment and engagement. This naturally leads to a sense of effortless action, joy and expressive freedom during performances. Eve is available for optimal experience coaching one-on-one or in groups for music students, music teachers and professional musicians.


Flow Music Method

General overview

The Flow Music Method applies research emanating from Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi’s flow theory (1975), flow and sport, sports psychology and neuroscience to maximise the positive feelings made possible through playing music. Flow can be described as the feelings that result from being fully engaged in an activity so that all that matters is the experience itself. Feelings such as joy, fulfilment and satisfaction result and anxiety, boredom and frustration melt away. People describe these times as being the best in their lives, the ‘stand-out’ moments.


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