Flow Music Method courses

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One on one Flow lessons

One on one lessons are suitable for high school and tertiary students and professionals alike. The Flow Music Method techniques taught are for all instruments and voice and immediately applicable to private practise, rehearsals and performance situations.

Half day Flow seminar (3 hours)

This seminar introduces the principles of Flow theory and Eve Newsome’s practical Flow Music Method. Within the seminar, details of the teaching of the Method are provided along with examples and demonstrations. This seminar would suit high school and tertiary instrumental teachers and students as it can be adapted for the audience cohort involved.

1 day Flow seminar (2 sessions of 3 hours)

These seminars introduce the detailed concepts of Flow theory (Csikszentmihalyi, 1975) and explains its correlation to Eve Newsome’s Flow Music Method. All information relating to the Method will be discussed along with supplementary information for teachers in relation to music, sport and health research and flow. Demonstrations and examples will enhance the seminar by showing the teaching process in action through practical applications of all principles. Detailed handouts will be provided and question time included for both sessions. These seminars would suit primary, high school and music teachers, particularly in the area of professional development. If required, students could attend the second session due to its practical focus.

Short term residency

The residency is designed to include a comprehensive examination of major flow research and studies, along with the latest discoveries in neuro-science and music. It includes all detailed aspects of Eve Newsome’s Flow Music Method including her current flow research. Information for practical application including one-to-one lessons, chamber music coaching and conductor tips are provided to lend a broader focus for the application of the flow music principles. Numerous examples and demonstrations of teaching techniques are included along with detailed teaching and learning handouts. This seminar would suit an institution or education body intending to provide a comprehensive flow education for practical teaching and research staff, tertiary music students and tertiary research students. One-to-one lessons and group flow lessons can be included as required.